Tips on traveling with Kids



I am now an author as well as an entrepreneur.  I started this book before I started my company.  I wanted to share with other parents my tips on traveling with kids.  I have been traveling with my own kids internationally since they were three and one years old.  We went to Switzerland on that trip.  They have been to England, France, Italy, Kenya, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Peru, Greece, and several other countries as well as at least half the United States.  Yes, I may be crazy and exhausted.  However, there is still nothing I enjoy more than exploring new places with my children.

In my book I try to help you decide where to go given the ages, temperament and interests of your kids.  I then help you organize the trips covering everything from making reservations to cell phone usage to packing.  I emphasize making it fun for everyone, taking the stress out of the vacation.  Finally, I suggest some places to go  and websites to help.

Eiffel Tower

You can find my book at or hopefully your local bookstore.

Come Fly with Me by Liz Kohler


Soon to be an ebook too.



Liz Kohler

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