Why Travel with Kids

Why Travel with Kids?

There is nothing better than traveling. There is so much to see, whether it is the Caribbean Sea’s blue waters, the crumbling ancient ruins of Greece, the majestic castles of Europe, or offbeat places like the Corn Palace and Graceland in the United States. African lions, Bengal tigers, and grizzly bears will take you to Africa, India, and Canada. Whether you prefer awesome nature like the Grand Canyon, fabulous museums like the Louvre, or the physical thrill of a hike or a day of skiing, it is all so fascinating and interesting. Eating new cuisine, trying a different sport, shopping in a quirky toy store, and observing haute couture are all cultural experiences. Traveling is always great adventure.


A family vacation is an entirely different experience from traveling alone or with a spouse. It is a tremendous way for your family to bond and enjoy adventures together, some planned and others unplanned. There will be ups and downs, and whether you go near or far, it is always interesting and gets you away from your everyday routine. It opens your eyes to new ideas and sends you home regenerated. It is also one of the greatest gifts you can give your kids. You will look back and remember the wonderful trips and fun times you had together.

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You can travel fifty or five thousand miles and have a great time. In the United States, you can visit Washington, DC, New York City, New Orleans, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, San Francisco, or Portland and you will experience something new in each place. You can see our national parks, ballparks, or amusement parks. You will meet delightful people from all over the world. Visiting the Coliseum in Rome, Versailles outside Paris, the Great Wall in China, or the Acropolis in Greece brings history class to life for children. However, you don’t even have to take them to the major sights for them to learn something new. Travel makes the world less foreign and more understandable.

Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic

Traveling with children can seem overwhelming and daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Many people worry what their children will eat in France, how they will sit on a fifteen-hour flight to Australia, how they can possibly be entertained all the way to Europe. They worry what to do if the kids get sick in Mexico or what to do if they want to go to Europe and their kids don’t like art museums. Don’t worry. With a good plan and a good attitude, you can do it.

Liz Kohler

Co-Founder of The Family Odyssey


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