The Polar Vortex

The Polar Vortex

The Polar Vortex has really made us pine for warmer temperatures as well as make us realize nature can be really freaky. This bring two thoughts to mind. One is that we should always opt to go some place warm in January or February if at all possible.

My tops for tropical would be the following:
The Cayman Islands
The Virgin Islands

However, really enjoy almost any warm island in the middle of winter. I am headed to Florida in February to see my son at the University of Miami and my parents in Hobe Sound. I can’t wait, but I might need to add another tropical destination to my Spring calendar. Oh yes, I am going to Costa Rica for Spring Break and that is going to be sensational too. I might add that to my list of favorites because of all the cool animals and the truly tropical feeling. The ones I selected are more for relaxing which what I feel like right now.

My second thought about the Polar Vortex is that nature is really crazy and we should go see places that are freaks of nature. They can be really cool and among my favorite places to visit.
Any of the US National Parks, but some of my favorites are the Grand Canyon, Badlands, Arches, Bryce, and Yosemite.
National Parks and nature reserves around the world are fantastic too.
Costa Rica
Great Barrier Reef
Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa
Amazon rainforest
Liz's Pictures 962
I would add Alaska as one of my favorites, but not at this time of year.

I also wanted to let you know that my book is now available on Amazon both in print and Kindle editions as well as at the Winnetka Bookstall. It is for anyone looking for inspiration or travel tips on traveling with kids of any age.


Stay warm and enjoy planning your next trip!

Liz and Mike Kohler

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