Travel Photography

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Travel Photography

Photography has evolved a lot in our lifetimes. Photography has always been a part of the travel experience. We have had Polaroids, slides, film cameras, movie cameras and now digital photography.

No matter what the medium, organizing the photos has always been quite a project. I think my mother still has baskets of photos from 1970-1990 ready to go into the albums she is going to make on that rainy day.

I have albums full of photos from 1985 to the dawn of digital photography. I have several Shutterfly and iPhoto albums made from digital photos. I have a computer and phone full of photos that should probably be backed up and put into albums. In addition, there are the old slides and movies that should be converted into digital format. What a daunting task!

So if you want to be really organized and photo savvy here is what you should do (do as I say not as I do):
1. From this point forward, when you get home from a great trip organize your photos with a software package like Picassa or iphoto and create an album with Shutterfly or iphoto and backup your photos onto a flash drive.

2. While on your trip you can send photos from your phone via Facebook, email or any other social media. People also love Instagram and Pinterest for sharing photos.

3. I would just leave the photos that made it into albums just where they are unless you are going to really use them for something on your computer.

4. The photos that are great and hanging around could be scanned into your computer if you have time on your hands and really value those photos.

5. The slides and movies can be taken to a photography store and have them converted into DVDs. If these are really memorable trips it would be worth it and fun to watch.

Some websites to check out:

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Happy Travels!
Liz Kohler

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