Sochi and the Olympics

I know I am unique, but to me Russia and these Olympics are fascinating. Russia is one of the most interesting countries to study and visit. I think their history with Peter the Great and the Russian Tsars is captivating. I have also always loved the beautiful Faberge eggs. On top of that they were our arch enemies during the cold war and have a very serious demeanor, very different from the American persona. They are not a lovable country, but extraordinarily interesting.
I really wanted to go to these Olympics. I am enamored by the Olympics and seeing these athletes who have poured their heart and soul for their entire lives into one sport. I was never a great athlete – always the last to be picked on every sports team in gym. I was pretty tall, clumsy and more slender than strong. Later in life I found the love of golf and did practice every day one summer in order to make the NT golf team. However, the thought of practicing any sport this much amazes me I admire these athletes.
I also love the bringing together of all these countries. I do feel proud to be an American and I think it brings us together, but also enables us to learn more about other countries. The personalities, histories and customs of other countries have always interested me. After all, I was a history major so I love seeing other countries and learning about them.
I did go to Russia in 1992 with my mother and sister. It was a fascinating trip where we saw Moscow and St. Petersburg ate terrible food and really had a funny and fabulous time. The only thing good to eat was the caviar so it’s a good thing I packed my suitcase full of Pop-Tarts.
Everyone else seems to think these Olympics are not exciting and wouldn’t have any interest in going. I loved the opening ceremony and Putin is just so Russian I just have to laugh. I know he doesn’t. The Russians are easy to hate, but you have to admire them at the same time.
Another reason to Show Your Family the World!

Liz Kohler

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