Why Italy?

There are so many fabulous places to see in the world, but Italy ranks up there at the top. It is where The Family Odyssey is starting our Grand Tour this summer. Some of you may ask why should we go to Italy.

The Scenery
Tuscany is so picturesque with medieval towns perched up on the hills. Venice is beautiful with the gondolas in the canals. Rome has the Forum, Colosseum, and Pantheon. The Amalfi Coast is is among the most beautiful places in the world with its white washed buildings overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Its beauty is one of the many things that attract us year after year.

Italy 142

The Food
Who wouldn’t like the best pasta in the world? Pasta, pizza, seafood, and plenty of gelato make every meal an adventure. Kids love it, adults love it and I don’t think it is even possible to have a bad meal in Italy. They just know how to make it so delicious and flavorful that even the pickiest American kids will enjoy the meals in Italy. Don’t forget the fabulous wines too.


The Villas
The great villas overlooking vineyards and hill towns are spectacular. The one we stayed in last year was on the property of the Petrolo Winery with one of the best vistas ever. They are great old villas that have been passed down for generations and have the authentic charm to make you feel like a real Italian. The kids swim in the pool, play billiards or ping pong and watch movies. The chef comes in and gives a cooking demonstration or wine tasting. Everyone has a great time.


So Much to See and Do
You can see the Colosseum and the Vatican or taste Gelato and go shopping or check out the sports cars and a soccer match. There is something for everyone. Art, Architecture, Science, Fashion, Music – Italy has it all. Italy is in so many movies and is where so much of what kids study in school takes place. Let them see it in real life!

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Italy 529

Italy is all about family and so is The Family Odyssey. So it is a perfect place to bring your family and enjoy. Relax and leave the organizing to us.

Our Italy Trip is June 14th-23rd and is priced at $2500 per person. Join us on a trip the whole family will never forget. Stay in a fabulous villa in Tuscany and a magnificent hotel in Rome. I can’t guarantee you will go home thinner, but I can guarantee you will have a great time.

Sign up now to take advantage of the best air fares and rooms!

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Liz and Mike Kohler

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