Fun and Quirky Ideas for Family Travel this Summer

Sometimes you don’t have the time or energy to do a huge family vacation. Some of my favorite times are quirky little excursions. One of my go-to guides is “1000 Places to See Before You Die” by Patricia Schultz. She has all kinds of fun things to see all over the world, but her ideas for the U.S. have taken us to the Iowa State Fair, Chez Panisse, Yosemite, The Mark Twain House, Mystic Seaport, The Delano, Joe’s Stone Crab, Villa Vizcaya, Arun’s, Superdawg, Amish Country, the Bellagio, Route 66, the Inn of the Anasazi, Cooperstown, Saratoga Springs, the Biltmore Estate, Moab, the Greenbriar, and much, much more. These are all places you can go if you have just two or three days.


I probably drive my family crazy because any time we are close to one of the places in the book I insist on a stop. They are almost always fun and worthwhile.

You should get yourself a copy of the book. It is a wonderful guide. I certainly have not been to all 1000 places, but I keep trying to make a dent in them.

Another book you might like is my own book on traveling with kids. You can check it out on Amazon. Just click here.


Happy Travels!
Liz and Mike Kohler
Italy 337

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