Organizing Travel Plans

A few weeks ago I couldn’t remember what Airline I had booked for my son to come home from college for Thanksgiving because it was the return from his August ticket. I just looked in TripIt and easily found it.

It also lets you know if there are any conflicts in your bookings and saves tickets for theater, sporting events or anything else.

imagebot_com-2012042714194724316I also use a packing list I created years ago to double check that I have everything. I do pack frequently so I can remember most everything, but I always seem to forget ear buds and pajamas. It is just reassuring to review a list to make sure you have everything. There are a couple online, but I find them too comprehensive. I like to create my own, store it on my computer and print it out.

However, if you are a techy and want an app for this, check out Packing Pro, Pack TM, or Pack & Go.

Then you need to be really organized before you go and double check everything the week before to make sure nothing has changed. Often travel times have been changed and it’s better to know the week before than when you check in online.

When I travel I also bring all the documents with me in a folder. In addition, I print out all driving directions even if I am bringing a GPS. Sometimes the GPS loses the satellite or takes me on a circuitous path. I like to have back up just in case.

Enjoy your upcoming travels and stay organized!

Happy Travels,

Liz and Mike Kohler

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