Enjoy Christmas – Without the Stress!

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  Enjoy Christmas – Without the Stress!

Can you believe that Christmas is only just around the corner? Every year, it seems like it gets here earlier and earlier! Of course, it does not help that many of the major retailers had their holiday decorations up almost before they had all their Halloween merchandise on the shelves. Regardless, we still want all the traditional happenings that we associate with that picture-perfect holiday. Whether our vision of that perfect holiday resembles a scene out of Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas,” complete with the snow and fur collars and Vermont ski resorts, or we envision ourselves draping Christmas lights on palm trees, each of us has a definite idea of what our ideal Christmas holiday looks like . . . but how do we get there?

Good question . . . better answer! Just do it!

The trick is determining exactly what it is that you feel is most important about experiencing your perfect Christmas holiday. Is it the sights and sounds? Is it the food? Is it the weather? Is it connecting with family and friends? Once you figure out your motivation, then you need to “own it!”

322632572_d50a925c82_zIf you love everything associated with Christmas, you can add to your already busy schedule and dive into the full “deck-the-halls” mode, – or – you can opt to enjoy all the lights, and sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the season while letting someone else do all the work. How? One way would be to experience one of the famous traditional Christmas festivals in Europe. From the outdoor stalls and street performers in Salzburg, Austria; to the Christmas markets nestled in the shadow of Cologne’s famous cathedral; to Dresden, Germany’s oldest Christmas fair, the Striezelmarkt, boasting “the world’s tallest Christmas candle pyramid” that is “more than 45 feet tall” (travelchannel.com), you can immerse yourself in the full holiday experience.

3149515400_0faf1a5a08_zThen again, if you prefer something a little closer to home, there is nowhere in the US that exemplifies Christmas like Rockefeller Center in New York City. From the incredible Christmas window displays at Macys, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Lord & Taylor; to the traditional lighting of the Christmas tree and skating at Rockefeller Center; to all the wonderful traditional holiday shows performed live on Broadway, spending the holidays in New York could be the answer to your desire to really experience all the best of the holidays.

2098510390_620c3d6a35_zIf you prefer to step out of the “traditional box” when it comes to Christmas, there is also an alternative for you. Maybe you live in the northern realms and revel in the idea of spending the holidays where you can they can thaw out a bit. For you, perhaps Christmas in Mexico or Ecuador may be the perfect option. Even though there is no snow, you can sip margaritas instead of mulled wine; decorate palm trees and yuccas instead of fir or spruce trees; and participate in the local holiday traditions and festivals.

No matter how you choose to celebrate the Christmas season, it should include definite plans to focus on what you feel is most important about the season, and doing away with the anxiety that usually accompanies our desire to create the perfect Christmas in the midst of an already overstressed schedule.

Go ahead . . . do away with the stress . . . get away from it all and really enjoy your Christmas holiday!

You know you want to . . .

Happy Holidays – and – Safe Travels!

Liz and Mike Kohler
P.O. Box 8116
Northfield, IL  60093
The Family Odyssey specializes in active family vacations and sports trips.

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