Fantasy Travel Destinations

What prompts a person’s travel destination choice? Some people travel to places they visited as children, seeking to re-live some of those childhood experiences, while others rely on recommendations from family or friends. In reality, there are countless reasons for the destination choices people make every day.

In today’s culture, our daily lives are on the fast-track, affected by so many outside influences, from the demands of family and friends, to the expectations of employers and co-workers. It is no surprise that the average person seeks some kind of escape in order to de-stress and recharge. Annual planned vacations are definitely an avenue that offer a welcome respite, but those precious days are often not enough. So, to offset that need for a quick-fix escape from the daily grind, many turn to books, movies, and television as a means of stepping out of their own realities and indulging in a little fantasy.

Multi-episode period dramas, like “Downton Abbey,” “The Tudors,” “Game of Thrones,” and most recently, “Outlander,” offer an opportunity to take part in the fantasy on a regular basis. They invite viewers to become immersed in the history, majesty, and setting of each series as the storyline evolves from one week to the next. By the end of the first season, loyal fans eagerly await the start of the next one. A natural extension of this weekly escape is a curiosity about the actual places where these stories are filmed. The next logical step is to combine that curiosity with that upcoming annual vacation.

While each of these storylines focuses on a different period in history, they all take place in various locations throughout Great Britain, offering fans a chance to walk the same streets, view the same historical structures, and experience the same wondrous landscape they saw in their favorite dramas. Highclere Castle in Hampshire, Southampton, U.K. was used for the iconic “Downton Abbey” residence1. “The Tudors” was filmed in several locations throughout Ireland and the U.K., the most memorable being Dublin Castle, in Dublin, Ireland2. Filming of “Game of Thrones” took place in quite a few Northern Ireland locations, including Belfast, Shane’s Castle, and Carncastle, in County Antrim, and Doune Castle in Scotland3.

The newest series, “Outlander,” which is based on Diana Gabaldon’s novels, was also filmed at Doune Castle and other notable places in Scotland including the Palace of Holyrood House, the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, and Fort William4.

Are you one of those who tuned in to any of these series and wondered what it would be like to visit the very locations where they were filmed? If this is the kind of curiosity that prompts your next travel destination decision, give us a call. We would be happy to help you plan that dream vacation!

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