Take Your Kids or Grandkids to Europe!

Travel can be the greatest gift you can ever give your children or grandchildren. It educates them about the world. Take them to Greece and show them what they are learning about in school. Seeing Posiedon’s temple or the Acropolis and the site of the first Olympics is much more exciting than reading about it in History class. However, learning about it and then actually seeing it can be really exciting.

Was someone in your family in WWII? Why not plan a trip to Normandy and see the beaches where the invasion took place.

Educate your kids about our past and why it matters. There is nobody better to share this experience with than you.

Learn more than just history. You can then go beyond basic tours. Take your kid’s interests and really create a truly special trip. Do you have a budding chef in your family? Take a kids cooking class in Paris or go spend a day with a famous chef! If you have a soccer fanatic, go see a professional soccer match and meet one of the players. How about a Harry Potter lover? Get a personal tour of where the movies were filmed and other castles in England.

Make it authentic by staying in a luxurious Italian villa, French chateau or English castle. There are wonderful old castles that have been turned into exquisite hotels. Or rent out a whole 17th century castle yourself. They have character and often come with a local concierge who can tell great stories and fill you in with local knowledge.

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