Come Join Us For Some Fun!

Fall is here and we are in the midst of planning for the 2017-2018 school year. It's been almost five years since we started Awesome Odysseys and The Family Odyssey. We have taken groups to Europe and Central America. We have planned trips for families to Africa, Ireland, Alaska, the National Parks, Italy, France, Switzerland, … Continue reading Come Join Us For Some Fun!

Take Your Kids or Grandkids to Europe!

Travel can be the greatest gift you can ever give your children or grandchildren. It educates them about the world. Take them to Greece and show them what they are learning about in school. Seeing Posiedon’s temple or the Acropolis and the site of the first Olympics is much more exciting than reading about it … Continue reading Take Your Kids or Grandkids to Europe!

A Different Kind of Independence Day

When you think about all there is to see and do in the US, it’s sometimes hard to imagine we are really such a “young” country. To put it in perspective, while there is not really a specific date marking the founding of France, the year 843 is generally accepted at the “birthdate,” which is … Continue reading A Different Kind of Independence Day

Fantasy Travel Destinations

What prompts a person’s travel destination choice? Some people travel to places they visited as children, seeking to re-live some of those childhood experiences, while others rely on recommendations from family or friends. In reality, there are countless reasons for the destination choices people make every day. In today’s culture, our daily lives are on … Continue reading Fantasy Travel Destinations

What is an Authentic European Experiential Trip?

I often promote doing an "authentic experiential trip." So what exactly does that mean? Well, let’s start by painting a visual picture of what you might imagine your next trip to Europe might look like. Perhaps you visualize staying in a 4- or 5-star hotel in Paris or London or Rome. You might see yourself … Continue reading What is an Authentic European Experiential Trip?

Fish and Chips and PIN Cards?

All across Europe, the switch has already been made from magnetic stripe cards to “chip and PIN” cards. This has caused headaches for millions of US tourists who try to use their credit cards - only to realize their cards aren’t accepted. In several European countries - including Great Britain, Ireland, France, Austria, Germany, Belgium, … Continue reading Fish and Chips and PIN Cards?

Europe with Kids

Europe with Kids Many of you will be traveling to Europe or planning a trip to Europe with children in the near future.  I thought you might find this excerpt from my book, Come Fly with Me helpful. Europe is really fun at any age and is one of my favorite places to visit.  A … Continue reading Europe with Kids

Kid’s Movies Set in Europe

As the season to Downton Abbey just came to an end it made me think how much more fun it was watching that show this year after visiting Highclere Castle last summer which is where Downton Abbey is filmed. I think visiting Europe is really fun for kids because they will read about various cities … Continue reading Kid’s Movies Set in Europe